Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Promotion!

Father's Day is just around the corner! Plan a surprise to your dad or husband by sending a special cake to them ! Let's get started !

Just give me a call, choose a cake, bank -in the payment and the cake will be sent on this Father's Day ,21st June 2009 (only on that day ) direct to the recipient with no delivery charges ! Order now ! Limited for 7 orders only ! Hurry !

Cakes to choose from :

1) Black Forest (1kg) - RM45

2) Chocolate Moist (1kg) - RM45
- topped with whipped cream and ganache

3) Classic New York Cheesecake (1kg ) - RM60

All orders and payment must be made before or by 19th June 2009.

Call me now ! Janna : 014-5691618

note: strictly for Keningau area only.


iena hamdi said...

errrr iena nak order leh kak

leilaz said...

salam kak..ala baru nak oder tadi tp area kgau je? emm sya d kk ni.
Sya ni peminat blog akak...nampaknya telan air liur jela hehe..

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

iena: ish awok ni....nak order sokmo....camno...?

leilaz : salam leilaz...di KK di mana? nanti saya tny suami..kalau dia rajin turun KK boleh akak pertimbangkan....SMS akak la senang sikit nak cerita pjg... :D