Monday, May 28, 2007

Easy Murtabak

Hi's been a while since I post my last recipe. Well, now I have a simple recipe to make and it is called Murtabak. What is murtabak? Murtabak is one of the street food that you can easyly find it almost everywhere in Malaysia. It has either beef or chicken fillings with eggs, onions and curry powder and wrapped with thin pastry. I found this easy to make recipe of murtabak in my favourite forum and I've tried it. To those who find it's hard to get any murtabak at your places I suggest you to try this recipe.

MURTABAK (serves 5 -6 pieces of murtabak)

Ingredients :

250g ground beef/chicken
4 eggs
2 table spoon of curry powder
salt for seasoning
1 onion (chopped)
5-6 pieces of spring roll pastry
some oil for frying

Method :
-In a bowl, mix together the ground beef/chicken, eggs, curry powder,onion and salt . Mean while, make sure you have taken out the spring roll pastry out of the fridge 15-30 minutes earlier to soften the pastry.

- heat the pan and add in some oil.

- spread a piece of the spring roll pastry on a flat board and add in the beef/chicken fillings in the middle...around 4 to 5 table spoon. Fold in the edges of the pastry until it covers all the fillings completely. You can use some of the liquid from the fillings to paste the pastry.

- fry the murtabak in the pan until both sides turns only takes approximately 5-6 minutes for each sides to cook.

- repeat the same method for the next pieces until you have finish all the fillings

- When the murtabak is cooked, let it rest for e few minutes before you can cut into small squares and enjoy it as it is or you can dip it with chilli sauce.