Friday, January 26, 2007


This is my first entry for this blog...

Actually I never thought that I would ever publish a blog that special for recipes since I used to know nothing about cooking though I came from a family with nine sisters! Really! My mother wouldn't allow us (me and my other sisters) to cook. But it all changed when I got married 6 years ago when I had no choice but to cook meals for my beloved husband, all by myself. Hehehe...I still remember that whenever I had to prepare lunch I would call my mother up just to ask her how to cook this and that.And now since I got stuck up with this forum - , my interest on cooking started to expand and hopefully that interest will turn into my passion. Everyday I always want to try something new and lucky me for having three little girls who can experiments my recipes and of course give their honest comments and critics.

With this blog I'll be able to share my knowledge in cooking , my favourite recipes (the source are vary) and you can also share some of your favourite meals with me too! Oooo..this going to be fun! So.....have fun and enjoy!