Monday, February 26, 2007

Chocolate Ice Blended

Whenever I'm down....or not in my best condition,hehehe...or I just had a bad day....or I just need a break after a long and tiring day, I will treat myself with a big glass of chocolate drink (again? ). Not only me but all the members of this house LOVE it so very much! I just love the feeling it gives me everytime that col,rich chocolate drink flows down in my throat. Ooo La La! Well, without further adue....this is the recipe!

Chocolate Ice style.

Ingredients (serves 4 ) :

- 2 table spoon of cocoa powder

- 5 table spoon of sugar (or you can substitute with 5 table spoon of sweetened condensed milk diluted in a glass of hot water)

- a glass of milk (fresh or evaporated milk) but if you use the condensed milk you can omit this or just omit by half .

- enough ice cubes

- a couple scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream (optional, but it does give a richer and creamier taste....yummy...!)

Method :

- In a blender, put in the cocoa, sugar,milk and ice cubes together. Blend for a few seconds.

- and then add in the ice cream and blend again...

- pour in a glass and served just as it is or you can topped with whipped cream and dusted cocoa or cinnamon powder.

An excellent treat during a hot day! I think I need a glass right now...!

Chocolate Ice Blended,topped with whipped cream and sifted cocoa powder...yummy!

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SuJu_elf said...

Boleh ke tak kalau guna susu serbuk??