Saturday, July 11, 2009

Main masak2: Pizza bukan kelas formal la...more like doing a favor to a friend. Siti my neighbour who lives a few doors from my house had asked to teach her how to make a pizza. I immediately agreed and arranged the suitable time for us to held the class...or more like "main masak2" hehehe...

So last Saturday we made pizza. I taught Siti how to make a classic pizza dough. I just provided all the ingredients and Siti did everything from mixing the dough....preparing the toppings, and baked them. We only did one choice of topping and by the end of the session Siti went home with a freshly baked pizza and also a ball of pizza dough so that she can prepare another pizza at home all by herself. I hope Siti enjoyed the class...well, if you can call it a class and I'm really looking forward for more "main masak2"session like this. (Actually, I was supposed to have another main masak2 today with Kak Beb, but unfortunately, due to unexpected occasions we had to postpone it to another date that we haven't decided yet.....)

Siti in action, gambar pizza yg dah siap tak sempat snap pasal bateri kong,huhuhu.

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