Friday, March 14, 2008

Sambal Tumbuk

I'm not sure to put this entry in which category but this 'sambal' thing is very typical Malay cuisine (pergh! cuisine tu...) . We usually have it with ulams (Malay style of salad). I just found out about this sambal tumbuk from a forummer and I gave it a try and we love it so much! those who enjoys sambal belacan, budu and all the hot stuffs you should try this.

Sambal Tumbuk

Ingredients :

half onion, sliced. (bawang bombay tu, nak guna bawang besar pon bulih)
2 tbsp dried anchovies (segenggam ikan bilis)
2 inches shrimp paste (belacan)
7 birds' eye chillies (kalau sker pedas, lebih kan)
a tsp sugar (optional)
juice of lime (optional)
oil for frying

- heat the oil in a wok
-when the oil is hot enough fry all the ingredients (excluding the sugar and lime juice, of course !) seperately. (fry the onions until transparent around 3 or 4 minutes , fry the anchovies until crispy and golden, the chillies and the shrimp paste for 2,3 minutes only)
- put all the fried ingredients in a pestle mortar, add in the sugar and lime and bash everything up until well combined. Or if you have a food processor just toss them in it and blend everything togother.
- The sambal tumbuk is ready.

note: sambal tumbuk is best served with gulai masak lemak, curries, hot steamed rice, fried or grilled fish and ulams.

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