Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sira Pisang

This is how I like my sira pisang, topped with whipped cream....Asian Fusion...hehehe

There are many ways that you can enjoy your bananas. You can eat it as it is...use for pie fillings...buat pengat, cekodok, fry them till crispy or bake a banana cake. One of my favourite banana dish is Sira Pisang or bananas in heavy syrup . My mom used to make this Sira Pisang and this recipe is from my mom which I believe is not any different than any other recipe. It's perfect to be served as dessert or just have it for tea.

Sira Pisang (bananas cooked in heavy syrup)


5 bananas , halved (I used pisang abu )
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of sugar (if your not a sweet tooth, lessen the sugar amount)
5 cloves (bunga cengkih)
1 piece of pandan leaf.


-In a pot, arrange the bananas and then add in the water ,sugar and cloves.
- cover the pot and cook under low heat until the syrup is concentrated.
- Once the bananas are cooked (if it is soft,that means it is cooked through), turn offthe heat and let it cool before serving it. Sira Pisang is best served cold.


ami said...

ehh...a'a la kakjaa...
amie xrajin try lg wt siro pise sini..padahal..seney meseh jah dehhh..hehehe...
kih3..yeayy!! nk dkt2 bule poso niee..bia saim2 ku from kedah,perlis n tganu tuee..kenal2 sket siro pise nihhsss...


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

yeah..meme sene jah....wak alah pagi ko...pastu sipe ddale peti....nok buko poso baru la make....meme sdp la make bule2 poso....nati kak ja tepek lagi resepi sene2.

sky said...

hehe..aku tgk kat tpt lain, tak rajin nak wat mende nih..slalu main beli je..tp bla tgk ko punya res nih, nak wat plak...hmm...esok aku wat la....err...mana nak carik encik abu yg jual pisang ye ? hehe..

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

aiseh sky...senang banget bah buat itu sira pisang...bahan2 pon simple jak....ko buat la..bulih buat byk2...itu incik abu sia nga kenal...ala..kau pegi saja di pasar...tny org jual tu..pisang yg orang wat pisang goreng....hehehe.