Sunday, February 10, 2008


You must have..
Atta flour
Ghee(minyak sapi) Butter or Margerin . Ghee lebih sedap for those in Malaysia, QBB is the best.
Minyak masak

Place atta in a bowl.
Rub in a tablespoon of fat.
Add water bit by bit until it becomes a dough. The best is bila dough tak lagi lekat pada tangan.
Add about one tbs of cooking oil, and uli dough sehingga minyak sebati.

The bread taste better if made few hours ahead. make as many small balls as u can, as big as golf ball, flatten it and roll out.

A flat, non stick pan should be used if you don´t have 'tawa'

Heat the pan, mesti betul betul panas.

Before putting bread on pan, remove excessive flour( tepung yg berlebihan.)

Place it on pan.
When you see collur difference on the bread, color tukar ke gelap sikit. turn over the other side.
Dgn Perlahan tekan sides of the bread dgn kitchen paper atau kain. Tunggu hingga puffs up and lepas itu turn over to cook the first side.
Bila dah siap semua,

Letakan sedikit minyak sapi atau butter atau margerine on one piece of bread and take another one sandwich iand rub it together.

Serve with dhall, any type of curries, achar or simply have it plain with ' Chai'

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aysha said...

You don't need to use atta flour..normal wheat flour will be great as well.reduce ghee and oil for healthy eating :)